Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”)

Attorney Kerrigan has been involved in ADR since beginning his private practice career in 1982. One of the first cases he was involved in was an arbitration. Regarding mediation, he attended a seminar which educated a group of trial lawyers present at the New Hampshire Bar Mid-Winter Meeting in 1987. He was one of the first attorneys trained in New Hampshire to conduct Rule 170 (court mandated) mediations back when the rule was initially established in 1990 and he has handled countless mediations, both as a party advocate and as the neutral.

Attorney Kerrigan is actively involved in ADR both as a neutral and as the legal representative advocating for his clients. As one long time mediator stated in his recommendation of Attorney Kerrigan on Tim’s LinkedIn account: “
I have mediated a number of cases for Tim's clients. As a mediator himself, Tim understands the process thoroughly. No pushover, he nonetheless enters into each case with a resolution-oriented attitude that benefits both his client and the process."

This long time mediator has it exactly right! If Attorney Kerrigan can further his client’s objectives through the mediation process, he understands that doing so may well lead to a less expensive and more timely result of the litigation. That is providing the client with good service! Further, the parties can fashion the result themselves, which allows for a more specifically tailored result, something Attorney Kerrigan has been able to creatively achieve both as a mediator and as an advocate in some of the most protracted and complex disputes he has been involved in. Both the informality and the flexibility of mediation can be advantageous to successfully negotiating a dispute to resolution.

With his background in sophisticated litigation, whether it is a contract, construction, employment, business, insurance or personal injury claim, Attorney Kerrigan can be of assistance to you either as your advocate or as your mediator.