Personal Injury          
Personal Injury practice is much maligned by the public, right up until someone finds themselves injured in an accident. Then it becomes very important to you as the injured party, or the family member of the injured party, that you obtain the valuable advice, counsel and representation required to ensure that you are treated fairly and compensated appropriately. It is then that you understand that as an injured party, you are not looking for a handout; you are simply looking to be treated fairly by a system you cannot be expected to fully understand at first blush. As a veteran in the trenches for over thirty years, Attorney Kerrigan is considered a powerful ally throughout New Hampshire when you need an experienced lawyer who knows the legal field of personal injury law. Many personal injury claims can be handled by him on a contingent fee basis, which means if there is no recovery, there is no fee. A contingency fee agreement allows you to pay KERRIGAN LAW, PLLC with a percentage of the recovery the firm obtains for you.

Attorney Kerrigan has been involved in claims regarding serious, substantial and tragic injury, many with severe and permanent consequences. These include injury or death involving:

  • Wrongful death, or severe injury shorting life expectancy
  • Professional negligence by either act or omission 
  • Residential, commercial, workplace premises or roadway injuries 
  • Foodborne Illness claims
  • Construction worksite claims 
  • Dog attack claims 
  • Defective product claims, including defective machine design 
  • RX / Prescription medication claims 
  • Negligence claims, including healthcare and healthcare devices
  • Cross walk or other pedestrian cases 
  • Motor vehicle accident cases involving automobiles, trucks or semis, or motorcycles 

Attorney Kerrigan has been successful in resolving cases involving individuals, businesses and/or their insurers in a wide variety of factual situations including:

  • Skin, muscle and nerve injuries
  • Traumatic injuries to organs, bones or other skeletal structures 
  • Cranial or brain injury
  • Loss or impairment of sight, hearing, smell or other senses 
  • Facial scarring and/or fractures 
  • Spinal cord and neck injuries: cervical, lumbar, thoracic, sacrum or coccyx 
  • Stomach, intestine or digestive issues from e-coli and bacteria infections 
  • Fire and electrical burn cases 
  • Fractured bones or skeletal components 
  • Nerve or motor function damage 

Attorney Kerrigan is a highly regarded professional who has handled countless claims. He is hard working, creative and attentive and he can help you or your loved one obtain the result they deserve. Whether through negotiation, mediation or trial, Attorney Kerrigan will advocate for your claim with the same intelligent and experienced approach he has used on the many other claims he has successfully resolved. Throughout his career he has been able to use his experience and talent to resolve claims he has handled to a successful conclusion in advance of trial. This, in part, is because he is known as a seasoned and successful trial lawyer who can try a claim to verdict if that is what it takes to resolve it fairly.